Inu8 is an Australian brand, established in 2022 by Cassandra Carey (Cas) and Karen Pethard (Kaz). 

“As active women over 40, we felt something was missing in the activewear space. Our bodies are changing as we age, yet we are as enthusiastic as ever about living healthy, active and purpose-filled lives and integrating a feeling of well-being into every we do. As we spoke with other like-minded women, we realised we weren’t the only ones and that our needs and wants in the activewear space were not being met."


With a focus on the essentials, and the right balance of form and function, the Inu8 collection is created from recycled and naturally sustainable organic materials. Each piece is designed to flatter the female form yet feel beautifully comfortable and luxurious against the skin and provide support exactly where it is needed. Timeless essentials are elevated by luxe layering pieces to invite balance to an active lifestyle. The simplicity of the collection allows each piece to work together, inviting ease and flow into the everyday.


Cas, former high-flying corporate lawyer-turned high performance sportswear designer focuses on the body with her experience in technical apparel construction, whilst Kaz, former marketer-turned botanical essences purveyor brings the soul to appeal to our generation looking for meaning and balance beyond corporate life and motherhood.


Inu8 was created to honour and support women on their life long journey of well-being. Inu (pronounced in-you) pays homage to the wisdom and power that exists within and is a reminder to nurture one of the most important connections in life - the connection with self.


Find them on Instagram @Inucollective

What started your wellness journey?

Cassandra (Cas)

I have always been active, I loved sport and always had an interest in my own health, however as I have reached my 40’s and beyond I have started to think about wellness more holistically - being well, as opposed to fit or active. Having children and aging parents, I have revisited what being well means as I age. Longevity is important, but not age as a number, my ability to be active, agile, strong and present in the lives of those I care about for as long as I can, and without bringing a burden.There is so much science, there is so much I have learned and are learning that my journey to wellness is something that I embrace and accept is always changing.

Karen (Kaz)

I have always been drawn to a path of wellness as a way of optimising my health and well-being. I remember attending a meditation workshop where we were asked what motivated us to attend and I was the only one in the room who had shown up without a medical condition or illness, I was simply there to learn the benefits of the practice. Along the journey I have been inspired to dig a little deeper and even study more formally in the areas of nutrition, energetic healing, bush flower essences and aromatherapy. 

Best wellness tip?

Cassandra (Cas)

Listen to your body, it sounds cliche, but in the last few years I have been overwhelmed by the changes I have been able to make by slowing down, pushing less and and trying to feel into my body. 

Karen (Kaz)

Approach wellness holistically. We are multi-dimensional beings affected by every thought, experience and relationship in our lives. Understanding that true health and healing occurs physically, emotionally and spiritually helps us to consciously create an optimum state of wellness. And be sure to get enough sleep! 

Words of wisdom?

Cassandra (Cas)

You do you - as my teenage children will tell me. Self belief is so important and is so easy to lose sight of.  If you are passionate about something give yourself to it 100% - your authentic self not impacted by opinions other might have.  Trust, self belief and a large dose of fake it until you make it.

Karen (Kaz)

Trust your intuition and follow your joy. 

How do you centre yourself?

Cassandra (Cas)

Every morning I walk, some days I am inspired to listen to a podcast others with the sounds of the day - it is time to think, reflect, plan and prepare for the day. I am committed to my daily journal, 3 pages inspired by the “The Artists Way - Morning pages” over my first coffee helps to quiet the mind.

Karen (Kaz)

I swim in the ocean and walk most days. Being in nature is where I feel most centred and grounded. I have a practice in the mornings where I consciously tune in to my energy to set the tone for the day. It helps me to gain perspective and allows me to move out of my head and in to my heart. It’s a combination of breath work, visualisation, connecting with spirit and intention setting. I’ll often use botanical essences, meditation and tapping to support my practice.


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