Hemp Sheet Studio

Hemp Sheet Studio

Rest well with Hemp Sheet Studio's consciously curated hemp bedding range made from 100% organic hemp linen. 


Hemp Sheet Studios was founded to create a brighter future for you and the planet. Timelessness and sustainability are at the heart of our brand. Our designs and fabric are chosen with the intention to create an affordable, luxurious, high-quality bedding option in an array of classical neutral and seasonal colours. 


Born and raised in beautiful Northern NSW, we have grown up with the luxury of nature at our doorstep. This has instilled the importance of protecting and preserving the planet by implementing eco-friendly alternatives in our homes and everyday lives. 


A growing trend we have witnessed and supported with our own consumer dollars is the use of hemp fabrics as a sustainable substitute to the established textile industry.


Whilst we recognise that there have been efforts by many businesses to shift towards using “natural” materials like organic cotton, we are taking a first-principles approach and starting our sustainability mission at the start of the supply chain - where the seed is planted.