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For the continued safety and wellbeing of our customers, ONE PILLAR have carefully implemented steps to care for all products and to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Below are our guidlines to ensure a safer environment for all.

General changes.

  • Increase support for online shopping and customers.
  • Ensure processing of items in safe and non contaminated spaces. 

Cleaning, hygiene and infection control

  • Encourage staff to wash their hands frequently and thoroughly with soap and warm water, and dry them.
  • Strictly ensure no contact with virus positive staff. This includes manufacturers and suppliers.
  • Regularly clean frequently touched surfaces.
  • Use a tissue (or the inside of your elbow) to cover coughs or sneezes and dispose of the tissue in the rubbish bin straight after use.

The well-being of our customers and employees are our highest priority. We hope you will take the appropriate measures needed to ensure safety for all.


Please feel free to contact us at (Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm) if you have any concerns regarding the delivery or return of your purchase.


For expressions of interest to work with us, please contact us by completing the below form.